1. I can send picture messages to subscribers outside the network is not?

Currently only supports Movitelcustomers to send and receive picture messages from Movitel mobile subscribers to mobile numbers in the same network, yet supports sending and receiving the subscriber to the network.

2. Is there any way I can check the personal information of its subscribers not?

No, you cannot get this information.

3. I want to register Internet service Internet agency Viettel to open public (registration for individual customers), the procedure like?

You need to register public Internet as Agent for the individual customer when checking-in at the store should carry the full range of the following documents:   - Identity cards of all people have agency within 15 years from the date of issue (the registration name on the business license registration)   - A certificate of business registration as a public Internet Dealer   - Qualification A minimum qualifications of all agents or employees hired agents

4. I want to know what the service is mobile internet?

Mobile Internet service is Internet access services directly from a mobile phone using the mobile phone number of Movitel. Advantages of Mobile Internet services are able to access Internet quickness, convenience, wherever, wherever there are waves of Movitel. You can use the package of Viettel Mobile Internet by mobile device that supports Internet access. Internet speeds depend on the use of mobile devices and depends on regional subscribers can use 2G or 3G wave

5. I can load a maximum of how many songs waiting for your collection?

you can load up to 20 songs.