• 2G Service

  • MeuBeat
    MeuBeat service allows all Movitel customers to configure music, sound, or sound effects instead of the usual classic tone "tut tut". (Ring back tone)

    Daily Info service allows clients to receive daily national and international news, jokes and beauty tips via SMS.

  • MCA
    MCA is service that allow customers to receive notification of missed calls if not available.

  • Transferido
    Transferido is service that allows all Movitel pre-paid customers transfer credit to other Movitel customers.

    SMS MAIS is a comfortable interactive menu through which Subscribers can choose various informational and entertaining content and receive daily updates, as Informational content: Weather, News, Exchange Rates, and Horoscope.

    Lucky Word” is the lucky game that allows customers to win airtime as prize by collect enough letters to complete full word as game request.

  • mQuiz
    MQUIZ is a service where customer can have a good time to chill out after a hard day. With this service, customer can learn more about general knowledge and also can have chance to win prize “airtime” if answer correctly all questions.