award "Competitive Strategic Leadership" in the African market by Frost & Sullivan.

On 15 August 2013, and in Cape Town, South Africa from Movitel received another international award "Competitive Strategic Leadership" in the African market by Frost & Sullivan.
Movitel was recognized for his achievements in rural and remote areas of Mozambique, not only taking   communication for the first time for millions of people but also making communication available and accessible to all people. Through its partnerships with institutions and people of Mozambique in the development of its network especially with EDM (Electricidade de Moçambique) where they formed a strategic partnership which rapidly expanded its infrastructure creating an advantage for the leadership of the communications sector in Mozambique. The aggressive investment in its infrastructure which  started with 12.000KM of fiber-optic in a year extended to 20,000 km which represents almost 70% of the country's fiber-optic, from 1800 base stations (BTS) to 2500 approximately 60% BTS of Mozambique. With the infrastructure created by Movitel, Mozambique status regarding communications increased noticeably within African countries. The creation of jobs in rural areas for the local population was one of the reasons Movitel was awarded, thus establishing itself as the "mobile operator of choice" among its customers and created a loyal customer base.
Since this is the second international award for 02 years running, is to thank the people of Mozambique that contributes to our success, the Government of Mozambique and the companies who accepted and use our products and services in a short period of time.
And finally thank Frost & Sullivan for having noticed our performance, the company´s growth in this competitive market, the achievements in this short period, how much we contribute and share with our community that helped us get where we are.

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